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Demolition of Home in Medina, by Belsole Ground Works

Demolition Services - Medina County, Summit County & Cuyahoga County, OH


Buildings can lose their structural integrity and depreciate over time making them incapable of supporting weight. Sometimes, tearing down an old structure is just more practical than conducting patchwork repairs. For over 25 years, the skilled professionals at Belsole Ground Works have helped make communities in Medina County, Summit County and Cuyahoga County Ohio more beautiful by efficiently preparing and clearing sites prior to the construction of residential and commercial buildings.


Our demolition services include removal of a structure including its foundation to make way for a new construction. We have facilitated many contractors and homeowners on their quest for a new house where an old house stood.  


We provide cost effective solutions for your demolition needs throughout Medina, Summit and Cuyahoga Counties and, once we are done with our demolition services, we haul away the debris so your land area is ready for your home improvement project or any construction plan.


Demolishing an old structure can be dangerous and time-consuming. If you decide to tackle the job yourself, you could be putting yourself and others at risk.



Contact Belsole Ground works for your Demolition Service needs at 330-239-5600.  

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